Automated creation of Chemical Safety Reports

lexoro has built a solution to automatically assemble and create Chemical Safety Reports (CSR) with important chapters and tables. As the CSR is a vital aspect for almost all substances to track risks and to make the information available to all users, the data within the report has to be handled very precisely. By using high-quality Intelligent Automation technologies, lexoro was able to set up a robust data collection and report creation tool. The focus and key development aspects: flexibility, individual and customizable features with 100% error-free RPA technology.

The challenge

Due to REACH requirements, manufacturers are obliged to several rules, tasks and especially reports. The Chemical Safety Report belongs exactly here. High time expenditure for highly-qualified employees, tedious copy & paste tasks, and recurring templates, chapters and tables that have to be filled with relevant data. The challenge: unlock resources, accelerate the whole process but maintain or even improve quality.

The problem

  • very high time expenditure
  • manual compilation of all relevant information from other reports and assessments
  • text and table population and generation of Chemical Safety Reports
  • for each report several languages have to be created
  • Filling relevant content into proper chapters and tables


Our customer – a long-established chemical company specializing in adhesives with active customers worldwide – wanted to automate the time-consuming process of populating & generating Chemical Safety Reports for its wide range of products. Our intelligent solution was ideally suited for the use case.

The solution: Automated population and creation of Chemical Safety Reports

Collecting relevant data in several systems and previously performed assessments (Chemical Safety Assessment, Hazard Assessment, Exposure Assessment). Compile and organize this information and create the Chemical Safety Report with it.

With powerful technologies like RPA, NLP and NLG this tedious task is only a matter of minutes – developed according to your individual needs and wishes.

The process

Using Robotic Process Automation RPA technology a software robot automatically copies the relevant data, texts and tables from several assessment protocols, reports, and in-house systems. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), necessary texts or text elements are modified and rewritten, e.g., tenses (present/future tense in past tense) are adapted and substance codes with the final terminology in the text are replaced. Relevant tables are automatically evaluated & summarized for the respective chapter. Based on the contents of the tables, appropriate descriptive texts can be generated using Natural Language Generation (NLG). Finally the Clinical Study Report with populated tables for further manual processing and adjustment is generated and exported.

12345lexoro AutomationSelection of templatesCopying data &information fromin-house systems& textsData preparation & SupplementationFilling of thetemplate or thetables with therelevant dataGeneration ofthe report or chapterAutomated copying & populating of data, text & tables from various assessmentsinto the associated chapters of the Chemical Safety Report:

1Selection of the template

First manual selection of the required template or CSR chapter to be created

2Copying data & information from in-house systems & texts

Software robot automatically copies the relevant data, texts & tables from the relevant reports - such as Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA), Hazard & Exposure Assessment, etc.

3Data preparation & supplementation

Natural Language Processing is used to modify & rewrite necessary texts or text elements - e.g. adjust tenses (present/future tense in past tense) and replace codes or terms with the final terminology in the text

4Populating the template or tables with the relevant data

Fully automated populating of defined templates, reports & tables with relevant data into designated chapters -> Summaries, Human and Environmental Assessments, etc.

5Generation of the report & Export

Final generation & export of the report with completed tables for further manual processing and customization

The benefits for the customer

Reduction of lengthy data transfer processes and increase of quality standards through 100% error-free RPA technology
  • Automatic Chemical Safety Report generation with data preparation – approx. 60-70% time saving
  • 100% error-free RPA technology with the support of AI – individually tailored to you
  • Standardization of the workflow – ECHA-compliant preparation of Chemical Safety Reports
  • Problem-free integration of the automation solution into your existing system landscape
  • Fast support and thus relief for your top experts – directly measurable ROI

The savings potential achieved

3500 h / 275.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 2,5 FTE at 65% PQ

Have your savings potential calculated now!

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