Automation of Post Market Surveillance Processes

lexoro implemented Intelligent Automation to the post market surveillance processes for a european-wide Pharmaceutical distributor, who’s product portfolio includes preparations with chemically defined active ingredients and phytopharmaceuticals. Using RPA and NLP technology we automated the collection of huge amounts of data from various sources, the complex testing and the valuation of the data and literature according to relevance. With this approach we reduced standard manual labor to 30%, while providing up to 70% automated support.

The Challenge

For the continuous monitoring of the medical devices produced, various databases must be searched regularly for new information, incidents & side effects. This means a very time-consuming information retrieval by regularly querying defined search criteria and strategies and then entering and displaying the results in a Word template. This highly standards-based process meant an unnecessary expenditure of resources from highly qualified employees.

The problem

  • Significant time investment by highly qualified employees
  • Repetitive serial process for database query
  • No automation of a highly standards-based process


Our customer offers services in the areas of pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and clinical trials with the main focus on drug safety.

The solution:
Intelligent Automation with lexoro

To optimize the post-market surveillance processes, lexoro has automated the extraction of information from database queries with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Thanks to the crawler technology implemented by lexoro, the database crawler now automatically searches the databases, presents the results in standardized lists and exports them for further use by the customer.

The process

Together with the customer, an automated database query was defined according to clearly defined search queries, search strategies and the databases to be searched. The RPA-based crawler technology implemented by lexoro searches the databases, collects relevant data and information and automatically generates a standardized list. A serial and very time-consuming database query has been transformed into an automated process that optimizes the PMS processes and guarantees significant time savings.

1Clinical Evaluation + Market Placement

Finished first clinical evaluation and following market placement of the drug

2Surveillance + Incident Research

Information acquisition: Automated literature review for title, abstract & publications to detect adverse events & incidents with RPA & NLP

3Sighting of Incidents + Evaluation

Information evaluation: Support in sighting of incidents & subsequent evaluation; Followed by evaluation & classification with Machine Learning & NLP


Report generation: Automated documentation of research results from the literature review & evaluation and transfer of data in the target document

5Report + Export

Creation of a report and following export for further manual processing

The benefits for the customer

Since many recognized sources, approvals or other research-relevant topics are now processed in databases, a crawler offers strong advantages & effects
  • Enormous reduction of lead time for a process that always runs the same way
  • Automated database search with results & outcomes in real time
  • 100% error-free & robust Robotic Process Automation crawler technology
  • Relieve and empower employees by saving time – better analysis possible
  • Fast solution development according to your needs – directly measurable ROI

The savings potential achieved

3600 h / 275.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 3 FTE at 70% PQ

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