Chemical database search and evaluation of results

For a leading European provider of varnishes and paints, lexoro developed a solution to automate the chemical database search and the evaluation of results. By using Intelligent Automation to search databases and evaluate the findings, this solution accelerates the whole regulatory and product safety workflow. The benefits: The intelligent solution serves the customer significant time savings for tedious standard routines as well as automatic output of the results in a standardized list. In conclusion, the database search and evaluation or assessment process is highly accelerated by focussing on relieving the top experts.

The challenge

Various chemical databases must be searched regularly for new information. Be it data on hazardous substances or other risk factors. This involves a very time-intensive information acquisition process by regularly querying defined search criteria and strategies and then displaying the results in a list. Due to constantly higher hurdles for approval or other hindering criteria in diverse countries, these highly standard-based tasks slow down the whole workflow.

The problem

  • Several different requirements for diverse countries
  • Significant time investment by highly qualified employees
  • Repetitive serial process for database query
  • No automation of a highly standards-based process


Our customer is a leading European provider of varnishes and paints. Due to a very broad product portfolio, the company needs to gather an immense amount of information over a wide range of products and substances.

The solution:
Intelligent Automation with lexoro

To standardize and accelerate the database search and the review or evaluation process for diverse products, lexoro has automated the extraction of information from database queries with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Natural Language Processing. With the scalable power of the lexoro crawler, it is now possible to gather relevant information in every wanted database in literally no time. In addition to that and a huge quality booster: the RPA-driven technology works 100% error-free.

The process

An individualized & flexible search strategy in combination with the autonomy of the lexoro solution delivers amazing results. The addition of several databases (like ECHA, SCIP, or other platforms combining several databases) according to your needs is uncomplicated. With the help of NLP, the hits are evaluated according to relevance and automatically exported in a standardized list for further use. A serial and very time-consuming database query has been transformed into an automated process that enables companies to optimize and accelerate substance search and evaluation and guarantees significant time savings for the company´s top experts.

12345lexoro AutomationDefinition search strategy & databasesInformation acquisition in databasesDeduplicate &merging the resultsEvaluation & classificationby relevanceExport thefindings & resultsIntelligent Automation for Chemical Database Search & Evaluation

1Definition search strategy & databases

Definition of the search strategy with keywords, topics, time period, etc. and the desired data sources, such as chemical databases, internet sources, scientific literature, etc.

2Information acquisition in databases

Intelligent Automation: lexoro Crawler (software robot) searches the databases & sources according to previously defined search criteria
  • High frequency & time saving

3Deduplicate & merging the results

Search results are automatically filtered for duplicates and merged & prepared for further processing
  • Replacing tedious standard tasks & optimizing result quality

4Evaluation & classification by relevance

Efficient identification & classification of all clearly „relevant“ & „not relevant“ hits or results (by title, abstract or full text)
  • Standardization & precise exclusion criteria

5Export the findings & results

Final export & presentation of findings, results, hits & relevant literature
  • 100% error-free RPA technology

The benefits for the customer

Automated and 100% error-free database query, automated evaluation of relevant results
  • Reduction of processing time: only approx. 20-25% of the results have to be checked manually
  • Automated database search with results & outcomes in real time
  • 100% error-free RPA technology with the support of AI – individually tailored to you
  • Relieve and empower employees by saving time – better analysis possible
  • Standardization of literature research & the creation of benefit assessment dossiers

The savings potential achieved

5.500 h / 200.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 4,5 FTE at 70% PQ

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