Health Wearables

Facts at a glance

Wearable devices are conquering the market at breakneck speed. While around 28.8 devices were used worldwide in 2014, sales of 527 million wearables are expected by 2024. Medical professionals see the advantages of healthcare wearables in reducing costs and relieving the burden on healthcare staff, but also in flexible, data-based care and optimized therapy options for patients.


The medical technology industry does not only stand out from others because of its versatility, but especially because of its high level of and strong urge for innovative changes. Our first arcoro Innovations deals with the topic of Health Wearables. Today´s wearables are capable of so much more than just simply counting steps. Their application in diagnostics, treatment, long-term patient monitoring and rehabilitation offers medical and nursing staff new approaches for individual treatments and therapeutic actions.

In addition to introducing you to the areas of application and current trends of medical wearables in the healthcare sector, we have put together a range of national and international companies that deal with the use of wearables in medical fields. Are you familiar with the benefits of wearables in healthcare, their technologies and future challenges? We have carried out extensive research and aggregated the highlights for you through quantitative and qualitative evaluations!

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