The Pulse of A.I.

Intelligent Automation in highly regulated industries

We automate regulatory tasks and workflows along all areas of the product life cycle. Our focus: MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.
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The pulse of A.I.

We automate Clinical
Study Reports with RPA

100% error-free: Using RPA technology, we have automated the transfer of information from Clinical Study Reports, internal systems and the filling of documents and templates to 100% error-free.
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The pulse of A.I.

70 percent
automated PQRs using RPA and NLP technology

Saving time and top experts can focus on other topics: Using 100% error-free RPA and NLP technology, lexoro has automated the data transfer processes and the creation of product quality reviews in Pharmaceutical industry.
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The pulse of A.I.

Automated generation of
25.000 pages medical writing

Using RPA, NLP and NLG technologies we automated the generation of clinical study reports (CSR). For our client from Pharmaceutical industry we automated the data transfer from Clinical Study Protocol to Clinical Study Report.
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Intelligent Automation for Medical Device Registration Workflows

Regulatory or Clinical Affairs. Quality Management and Assurance. Product Safety, Risk Management and Post Market Surveillance. All these departments ...

Automated generation of AMNOG Dossiers

Intelligent Automation is the key driver that not only accelerates the creation and generation of AMNOG Dossiers for one of our globally active pharma...

Intelligent Automation for Pharmaceutical Registration Workflows

Regulatory, Clinical, or Medical Affairs. Drug or Product Safety. Quality Management and Assurance. Risk Management and Post Market Surveillance. All ...

Automated population & creation of the Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) has brought several obligations and requirements regarding reporting, safety, and other risk-preventive actions. T...

Intelligent Automation for Benefit Assessment & AMNOG

For a leading European company providing medicines and care, lexoro developed a solution to automate the benefit assessment for pharmaceuticals. By us...

Automated generation of Common Technical Documents and its Modules

Intelligent Automation is the key driver that not only accelerates the creation and generation of CTD Modules, Overviews and Summaries within a global...

Automated creation of Clinical Evaluation Reports

For one of the world’s leading medical technology companies which offers innovative products and services in Medical and Surgical, Neurotechnolo...

Automated creation of PSUR and PMSR

For an innovative global healthcare company lexoro automated the creation of Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) and Post-Market Surveillance Report...

Automated creation of Clinical Study Reports

For one of the world’s leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies with 130 years of experience lexoro automated the creation of clinical s...

Intelligent Automation for Clinical Evaluation

For a leading European provider of system solutions for medicine and care lexoro optimized the regular monitoring of medical devices with the applicat...

Automated creation of Product Quality Reviews

The Intelligent Automation of the creation of product quality reviews for a leading manufacturer of high-quality Pharmaceuticals was a challenge lexor...

The lexoro Focus

We have been working on the automation and digitization of critical business processes for more than 20 years. In doing so, we have always focused on the following triad: technical excellence (RPA and A.I.), process knowledge (regulated workflows) and industry expertise (MedTech, Pharmaceutical, Chemical).

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We automate your compliance projects along all stages of the product life cycle. Our Solution Maps offer a suite of well designed use cases – centered all around industry specific regulatory demands. From Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials to Quality Management, Post-Market Surveillance and Risk Management. We help you turn data from multiple sources into complete compliance solutions. Fully automated. To speed up time to market.

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