Intelligent Automation

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We offer customized services for all phases of the project cycle. From idea generation and ROI benchmarking to technical implementation and solution rollout. We help you understand the potential of Intelligent Automation and A.I. enablement. And make it work for your needs. We want to be your advisor for all technical questions. Our guarantee: excellence in the triad between technology, process and industry expertise.  This is what you can expect. This is what we want to deliver.

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Process and industry expertise paired with a keen sense of effectiveness. The digital revolution is transforming business models, workflows and market mechanisms. We help you grasp opportunities, safeguard competitive advantages and make sure you unlock the potential of A.I. and Automation best.

Business Advisory
  • Project & Solution Management A.I.-Health Check, Use Case Definition, Solution Map Design, ROI-Benchmarking, Project Management & Steering
  • Business Consulting Process Analysis, Compliance Map, Document & Report Analysis, Requirement Engineering
  • Software & A.I. Model Verification & Validation Software / Vendor Selection, A.I.-Model Prediction, A.I.-Model Verification, A.I.-Model Validation
Technical Services
  • Automation Services Process Mining, Automation Map, Solution Map, RPA vendor selection, RPA customization, BOIT development, Intelligent Automation
  • Operations Services Software Operations (Cloud / On Premise), A.I.-Model Operations (Cloud / On Premise)
  • Security Services Architecture and Planning for Secure-Development-Lifecycling, SDL methodology, Security Requirement Plan, Continous Threat Modeling
Analytical Services
  • Data Science Data Analysis, Use Case Architecture, Data-Lake-Architecture, Data-Warehouse-Landscapes, Role Models, Operating Model, Data Engineering
  • Machine & Deep-Learning MLOps, ML Models, Data-Set-Discovery, Data-Pipelining, Labeling
  • Natural-Language-Processing Content Analysis, Content-Enrichment, Data Cleansing, Taxonomy Creation, Mining, Categorization, Classification, Intent Recognition, Syntax Analysis, Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural-Language-Generation NLG-Architecture, Content Analysis, Categorization, Classification, Intent Recognition, Taxonomy, Protototyping
Engineering Services
  • Mobile Solutions App Development, Mobile Architecture, UI/UX Design, iOS / Android, Backend Integration, Transactional-Systems
  • Software Development Agile Development, Requirement Engineering, Prototyping, UI/UX Design, MVP development, QM, Testing
  • DevOps & SRE Services Concept & Architecture, CI / CD Pipelines, Cloud Security & Backup, Scaling Services, SRE-Concept & Implementation
  • Data & A.I. Integration Data Engineering, Labeling, A.I. Integration & Pipelining
Ressource Services
  • Expert Sourcing Temporary Staffing of Automation & Development experts, Monitoring of work, Administrative support
  • Project Services Staffing of small, specialized project teams (internal / external), project management

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You have your own ideas for process automation in mind? Then let’s find out what options are available. Maybe we have the perfect use case ready to go. Let’s set up an online demo to get further inspirations.