Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) integrates linguistic, computer sciences and A.I. to a powerful toolset that automates the understanding of language. Leveraging Machine Learning to a full extend the possibilities are endless. Documents can be classified in seconds. Nuances of words and meanings can be trained and applied.

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How does lexoro leverage NLP?

lexoro automates data transfer and document generation along all stages of the product life-cycle. Documents, dossiers and literature are key to regulatory projects. Integrating NLP into process automation is a game changer. Thousands of literature reviews can be boosted. The alignment of different findings can be automated. Integrating NLP with RPA we unlock a new level. Trained bots can work on information retrieval, categorization and classification. Human experts take over and save more than 60% of valuable time. Less resources are needed or they can work on parallel projects and tasks.

Less routine. More value.

70% automated with NLP Clinical Study Reports

Interpretation of relevant information from unsorted natural language texts created by database information retrieval

  • Reduction of lengthy text sorting and interpretation & thus increase of quality standards through precise NLP technology
  • Time saving or automation level of about 70%
  • Top experts can focus on other topics

The savings potential achieved

4200 h / 320.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 3 FTE at 70% PQ

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Let BOTs and A.I. help you in time consuming tasks and refocus your time on real quality work.

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Possible applications of NLP

NLP makes automation smarter. Understand contextual nuances, semantics and taxonomies are key drivers of Intelligent Automation. NLP can be used in ChatBOT solutions, virtual assistants, knowlewdge management and social media monitoring.

lexoro integrates NLP in use cases like literature review, database crawling, post-market surveillance monitoring, dossier generation etc.

Whenever there is written text – NLP is our magical tool to maximize the effect of automation.