Telemedicine & DiGAs

Facts at a glance

The international market for digital health is growing rapidly. In 2020, global sales of USD 200 billion were generated, and forecasts indicate that sales of around USD 979 billion will be achieved as early as 2025. Contributing to this enormous growth is not least the pandemic, which has accelerated the introduction and establishment of digital health solutions by two years, according to experts. While telemedicine applications were only offered sporadically in 2017, namely by around 2% of physicians in private practice, around 50% offered online consultations as of 2020.


The digitization of medicine has been driven forward for years, but it only experienced a rapid upswing in recent years as a result of the Corona pandemic. During this time, telemedicine applications in particular, such as online consultations, became established in the healthcare sector. Another winner in this context is the integration of digital health applications.

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