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Executive summary

With our technology we automate research & development (R&D) workflows. From copy & paste, collecting data and information and populating them in tables and documents, to analysis, evaluation and review of data, literature and abstracts.

This way, your employees and experts are able to exploit their full potential while the lexoro automation provides the ideal conditions and basics for their research and development activities.

Typical use cases involve:

  • Data management & Integration
  • Report & Document Creation
  • Classification & Metadata
  • Database search & evaluation

The importance of research & development

Great companies invest in innovation. A vital part of innovation and innovative products & services is R&D. Through clever research and resulting new developments, companies are able to maintain competitive advantages in a globalized world with countless substitute products. These rules apply to any industry – whether old or emerging. If a company stops to seek for innovation and doesn´t move forward, competing companies or fields of business will take over.

Especially in regulated areas and industries – where the development, the registration, and marketing of products take a lot of time and money – the improvement and optimization of tedious standard tasks is key. Routine processes that hinder a team or the workflow that is being worked towards are a big problem – in particular when there is steady strive for cost optimization.

At lexoro, we always focus on how to restructure processes and simplify the workflows for all contributors. In Research & Development the potential isimmense when thinking of the amount of required data, knowledge, and texts, reports or documents to be written. Our lexoro solutions are customer-specific to allow for specialized fields of application within your company and therefore ideally optimize cost and time structures. Get inspired and start your R&D automation journey today.

Typical Use Cases for Medical Affairs & Medical Writing

Data Management & Integration

Automated collection of data and information in internal systems or any other accessible source. Allocation of collected data to the associated storage location for further processing. Integration of information in internal systems and to relevant interfaces to provide a data basis for the next steps. It is possible to integrate changed and adapted data across diverse systems.

  • Significant optimization in data and text processing for a process that mostly runs the same way
  • Tedious data & information collection can be automated – leaving highly qualified personnel only with value-adding tasks

Report & Document Creation

Automated integration and processing of data in reports, documents, tables, etc. using pre-defined templates and structures. RPA Software robots automatically copy & collect relevant data, text & tables from in-house systems that have been generated and created in advance by clinical studies or trials. With Artificial Intelligence tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP), it is possible to adapt and supplement necessary texts or text elements to fit regulatory requirements.


Typical use cases: Technical documentation, test protocols & tables, regulatory reports, etc.

  • Tedious standard work performed by highly qualified employees
  • 100% error-free with RPA technology — individual processing and adaptation of your templates and documents

Database search & evaluation

Automated search in any databases and scientific literature sources according to a search strategy. By defining a search strategy with search criteria & keywords like new approvals, risk information, recall notifications, product name or classes, etc., it is possible to automatically collect the relevant data & information using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Crawling technology. The final results can be displayed in a list and further processed. It is possible to classify and evaluate these results and hits based on relevance or other desired criteria with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Significant time investment by highly qualified employees
  • Recurring serial process of searches for information and evaluating the results

Classification & Metadata

Analysis & evaluation of existing data using information extraction & data science (cluster analysis). In this process, the intelligent system automatically recognizes & classifies the requested action, the relevance criteria, etc. that have been put in. This way, the system is able to structure existing data into so-called metadata. Artificial Intelligence allows for precise classification, identification & definition of the case at hand and transfer to the appropriate workflow or to the relevant department. This allows for optimal identification of patterns & anomalies for e.g., compounds, patents, or other research topics. In addition, the necessary data can be prepared and provides the possibility of identifying trends, problems, schemes, etc.

  • Highly complicated evaluation steps with low error tolerance can be automated by AI
  • Intelligent Active Learning helps the system to optimize decisions in the future based on actual human decision-making


By focusing on value-adding tasks and outsourcing standard-based routines to the automation software with Robotic Processing Automation technology and Artificial Intelligence solutions, your Research & Development employees can unleash their full potential.

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