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Integrate AI expertise into your business workflows

Boost you AI capabilities and lift them to another level. Accelerate the implementation of your AI ideas and let smart processes and structures work for you. Our experiences from diverse product developments and project work help you to avoid mistakes and find the right way to your Automation & AI goal.

Process & Workflow Analysis
We analyze your complexte workflow including resources, documents, interdependencies and systems – unleashing automation potentials with an ROI in between 3-6 months.
Our vast experience in regulated use-case-designs and AI-solution development helps you risk assessing your own case pipelines and avoiding mistakes in implementation, validation and roll-out. We transfer knowledge to your teams and make sure the final solutions will work.
Data-Engineering & AI-Models
Our data-science teams are experts in extracting and understanding data from specific processes within the industries of MedTech, Pharma and Chemicals. We double time to market in using pre-configured templates and models.
NLP / NLG Solution Development
We bring in our NLP/NLG experts to boost your AI-project when it comes to text, taxonomy and table intelligence. Plug-In our experience and leverage your project to the next level.
Application-Plug-In Development
In developing AI-driven plug-ins and apps we accelerate your standard software implementations to the next level. Our specific services focus on market leading software suites like: salesforce, servicenow, Polarion, UI-Path and Automation Anywhere. We can add customized AI-Plug In´s – tailored to your process needs and specific demands.
AI-Operations / MLOps
In case you would like to have a partner maintain, service and run your AI-solutions – we offer highly performing cloud- and on-premise services. Making sure your solutions run error free and stable.

lexoro Intelligent Automation

Make our expertise your advantage. Some facts and numbers that our service will boost your AI and automation capabilities in regulated industries.

AI Projects delivered
Extensive process knowledge
in MedTech, Pharma &
More than 10.000 mandays
experience in Automation-
Add-On Plug-Ins for leading
More than 75 associated
Tech-Eperts focusing in the
field of AI & Automation
Tech Team
NLP/NLG TechTeam

Are you looking for experts at short notice?

Our solution: lexoro 24 hour expert sourcing

lexoro experts

We accelerate your projects by accompanying them with our expert support (individuals or teams).

We deliberately keep 25% of our expert competence free and available to constantly react to exciting new use cases, customers, and project challenges.

lexoro associated experts

lexoro supports demanding projects on a temporary basis with 530 top experts – competent in the medtech, pharma & chemical industries.

We guarantee professional excellence and verified project references.

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