Automated creation of Product Quality Reviews

The Intelligent Automation of the creation of product quality reviews for a leading manufacturer of high-quality Pharmaceuticals was a challenge lexoro gladly accepted. Quality assurance meant a very high time commitment for the client, often an entire team did this task full time with annual review required.

The challenge

The manual compilation of all relevant information from various systems for the PQR and own product quality reviews for each product group did mean a very high time expenditure. lexoro´s challenge: An Intelligent Automation of the data collection, filling and document generation of Product Quality Reviews.

The problem

  • Very high time expenditure
  • Manual compilation of all relevant information from different systems
  • Formatting and aggregation of text and data
  • Document generation of PQR for each product group


Our customer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Pharmaceuticals and sells its products in around 120 countries worldwide. The product range includes generics, specialty Pharmaceuticals and prescription-free consumer healthcare products.

The solution: Intelligent Automation of PQR with lexoro

To optimize the PQR, lexoro has automated data transfer processes through 100% error-free RPA technology. Thanks to the RPA and NLG technology implemented by lexoro, the client could benefit from time saving or automation level of about 70% and top experts can focus on other topics.

The process

Together with the customer, criteria and templates have been defined. Using Robotic Process Automation RPA technology a software robot automatically copies the relevant data, texts and tables from in-house systems and sources. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), necessary texts or text elements are modified and rewritten, e.g., tenses (present/future tense in past tense) are adapted and codes with the final terminology in the text are replaced. Relevant tables are automatically evaluated & summarized for the respective chapter. Based on the content of the tables, appropriate descriptive texts can be generated using Natural Language Generation (NLG). Finally the PQR or related documents can be automatically filled and populated with text, tables, or other data and exported for further manual processing and adjustment.

1Choose template or chapter

Manual selection of the required template or chapter to be processed or generated.

2Creation of data basis (upload or collect)

Automated collecting and copying of relevant raw data and text from in-house systems (e.g., LIMS, SAP, ‚ELN, etc) or from documents (Word, Excel, XML, etc.) to create a data basis.

3Formatting and Aggregation

Extraction, preparation, editing, and formatting of data, text, and tables from various reports, batches, sources & systems.

4Transfer, Filling and Population

Fully automatic populating of dedicated chapters, templates, and tables with relevant data (e.g., batches, batch record documentation, changes & deviations, OOS & OOT, etc.).

5Preview and Export

Preview of the document in a system with subsequent generation & export of the chapter or document for further manual processing.

The benefits for the customer

75% time savings in information retrieval, 50% in classification & evaluation
  • Enormous reduction of lead time for a process that always runs the same way
  • Automated database search with results & outcomes in real time
  • 100% error-free & robust Robotic Process Automation crawler technology
  • Relieve and empower employees by saving time – better analysis possible
  • Fast solution development according to your needs – directly measurable ROI

The savings potential achieved

4000 h / 300.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 3,5 FTE at 70% PQ

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