Intelligent Automation for Clinical Evaluation

For a leading European provider of system solutions for medicine and care lexoro optimized the regular monitoring of medical devices with the application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) database crawlers. The benefits: The intelligent automation of a standards-based process brought the customer significant time savings as well as automatic output of the results in a standardized list. In addition, the highly qualified employees can devote themselves to more specific tasks.

The challenge

For the continuous monitoring of the medical devices produced, various databases must be searched regularly for new information, incidents & side effects. This means a very time-consuming information retrieval by regularly querying defined search criteria and strategies and then entering and displaying the results in a Word template. This highly standards-based process meant an unnecessary expenditure of resources from highly qualified employees.

The problem

  • Significant time investment by highly qualified employees
  • Repetitive serial process for database query
  • No automation of a highly standards-based process


Our customer is a leading European provider of system solutions for medicine and care. The five business segments cover a wide range of products and services in the context of healthcare.

The solution:
Intelligent Automation with lexoro

To optimize the monitoring of medical devices, lexoro has automated the extraction of information from database queries with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Thanks to the crawler technology combined with NLP, the information retrieval, the evaluation according to relevance and the export of the relevant results in standardized lists is now automated and 100 percent error-free.

The process

Together with the customer, an automated database query was defined according to clearly defined search queries, search strategies and the databases to be searched (BfArM, FDA, MAUDE, ANSM and AEMPS). The crawler technology implemented by lexoro searches the databases, collects relevant data and information using RPA. With the help of NLP the hits are evaluated according to relevance and automatically exported in a standardized list for further use. A serial and very time-consuming database query has been transformed into an automated process that optimizes the monitoring of medical devices and guarantees significant time savings.

1Definition search strategy & databases

Definition of the search strategy with search criteria & keywords (e.g., Preclinical & clinical data, complaint data, product name, risk information, etc.) and in which language the search should be performed

2Performing search strategy in databases

Information acquisition: Crawler performs the search strategy independently & fully automatically according to previously defined search criteria in databases & sources
  • High frequency & time saving

3Screening & evaluation of publications

Information evaluation: Screening & evaluation of publications & abstracts according to relevance („relevant“/„not relevant“)
  • Precise exclusion criteria

4Structured labeling & filing of articles

Information extraction: Structured presentation of results with metadata & filing of articles in the operating system
  • Standardization

5Report + Export

Report generation: Export search results & findings to in-house template / format (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.)
  • 100% error-free RPA technology

The benefits for the customer

Automated and 100% error-free database query, automated clinical evaluation of relevant results
  • Enormous reduction of lead time for a process that always runs the same way
  • Automated database search with results & outcomes in real time
  • 100% error-free & robust Robotic Process Automation crawler technology
  • Relieve and empower employees by saving time – better analysis possible
  • Fast solution development according to your needs – directly measurable ROI

The savings potential achieved

1800 h / 150.000 €
Reduction in work performed per year. Total up to 1,5 FTE at 50% PQ

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